Titans Athletics

TC Williams High School

Titans Athletics

TC Williams High School

Titans Athletics

TC Williams High School

Required Forms

The following is required to be completed and turned in to the Athletic Department prior to participating in any T.C. Williams Athletic Activity: 

  1. A yearly VHSL Physical Form
    • Page 3 must be completed and signed by an appropriate health care professional
    • Pages 1, 2, and 4 must be completed and signed by a legal guardian and the student-athlete
    • A new form is required for each school year and is only valid between May 1st of the current year and June 30th of the succeeding year
  2. A yearly Emergency Care Form
    • Concussion Education must be read and reviewed by a legal guardian and the student-athlete before signing the statement included in this form
    • This document is only valid for the current school year in which it is completed and signed
  3. Team-specific Rules & Expectations
    • Each team may have different rules and expectations, and is therefore determined by the coach as to when or if a signed document is required

Forms #1 and #2 MUST be completedsigned, and turned in to the Athletic Office before the athlete is cleared to participate in ANY athletic activities. This includes pre-season, tryouts, and out of season practices!

Once both forms have been reviewed and entered as "cleared."  Once cleared the designated coach will receive a list of students who have completed all forms.

Fall Paperwork Collection

*The Athletic Training Staff will be available in person during the following days and times to collect/review your paperwork, and provide confirmation on clearance status before tryouts:

        Monday (7/24/17)                  10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm               All Sports

        Tuesday (7/25/17)                 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm               All Sports

        Wednesday (7/26/17)             10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm               All Sports (last day for FB)

        Thursday (7/27/17)                 2pm-5pm                                All Sports (FB starts)

        Friday (7/28/17)                     2pm-5pm                                All Sports

Once tryouts begin, you will no longer be cleared for participation the same day! Wait time for review of paperwork and clearance will be 24-48 hours. Please make sure to submit paperwork in advance! 


Winter and Spring Tryout Registration

Students should make every attempt to register for their respective tryout prior to the first day.  Registration can take place during lunch and after school.

  1. Student may drop off paperwork prior to tryouts. (Paperwork consists of Emergency Care and VHSL Physical form)
  2. Coaches will receive eligibility cards/list on the day of tryouts or training of all students who preregistered.
  3. Wait times for athletes who submit paperwork outside of the designated team times may be 24 to 48 hours. 

Please note that athletes will no longer be able to turn in paperwork and pick up a clearance card in the same day.  Please encourage your athletes to preregister for tryouts.

All forms can be found in the Athletics Office or by clicking the linked text above and printing.